“As the manager of Rosebud River Ranch in Snoqualmie for the last 15 years, I have seen dozens of equine vets treat our horses for both maintenance care and in emergency situations...in other words...hundreds and hundreds of encounters and chances to observe, learn and make judgments. Dr. Chantal Rothschild - who is currently the medical director of our ranch with its 45+ horses -- is without question the best equine vet I have ever had the privilege both to know and with whom to work. She is the best friend any horse or horse owner could have. A consummate and incredibly knowledgeable professional, I have the utmost admiration and respect for the way she works with horses and with their owners. She is thorough and patient with both the horse sand with the owners...who often have questions that need answering and who understandably need reassuring that things are going to be okay.

On a personal note, she saved a foal born at Rosebud and brought him back from certain death after he was misdiagnosed by another clinician. Our 'Q' almost died from a disease few professionals had ever heard about, but Dr. Rothschild knew what was wrong and created a plan to save him. Now 5 years old, that baby now stands 17hh and has turned into a beautiful boy. She also saved my own horse, Hollywood. By a stroke of great, good luck, Dr. Rothschild was at Rosebud whenshe noticed my mare struggling to walk. Dr. Rothschild tookaction and with an immediate and correct diagnosis of laminitis, ordered her to her stall and set us on a course that saved her life...and, in a way, mine too.

In my opinion, there is no more qualified and competent equine vetthan Dr. Chantal Rothschild. She continues as our medical director and inthat capacity keeps us on a routine program for de-worming andinoculations...and is always there to answer any emergencies we may have. She keeps our barn healthy and we are a better and healthier barnbecause of her....”

- Julie Blacklow, Manager // Rosebud River Ranch, Snoqualmie WA

"Dr. Rothschild treated my 34-year-old horse for a liver bile duct infection, beginning early June. It was a difficult infection, requiring very strong antibiotics which helped cause lack of appetite. He also experienced weakness, anemia, and extreme fatigue. Dr. Rothschild never seemed to give up hope for his recovery, though, nor did she suggest that I should. She was wonderful about responding to my texts to her (there were a lot!) when I had questions or concerns about how he was doing.

Fred beat this infection, seems to feel great again, and has regained most of the weight he lost. We owe her so much. She not only saved his life but also made the whole process much easier to cope with."

- Mary T., Woodinville, WA

"Dr. Rothschild is hands down the best equine vet around! After years and multiple vets struggling to breed one of my older mares Chantal was able to deliver a healthy beautiful filly on the summer solstice. She has also saved my 32 year old mare who was suffering from seizures. Besides being compassionate and understanding she always does what is best for the animals and her vast knowledge of internal medicine allows her go above and beyond what I have seen from any equine veterinarian over the years. She has also helped me with my other four-legged family members when it has been time to say goodbye and cross the rainbow bridge or given me referrals to small animal specialists that i desperately needed at the time. She is simply the best and the first one I call when I have a horse that needs any medical care."

- Chelsea Carrigan, Issaquah WA

"There is no better equine veterinarian than Dr. Rothschild. Not just in her vast knowledge of every aspect of equine care, but in her calm bedside manner, and in her willingness to educate me so I feel confident with the decisions I make regarding my horse's health. And, she deeply cares about the wellness of the horse owner, too. After a frightening, nearly life threatening situation with my horse that lasted many hours, she drove all the way back to our barn to check on my horse, and to bring me dinner. Simply stated, she's the very best!"

- Lori Oncina, Issaquah WA

"First I would like to thank Dr. Rothschild, Because of her extensive knowledge and experience in Equine Medicine, her unmatched devotion and dedication to not only horse, but owner as well, a situation that was deemed irreparable became a Miracle I owe the life of my colt and the courage to be strong to Dr. Rothschild. I highly recommend her services for any Equine situation that you may have. An added bonus is her loving and genuine concern, her positive energy, and her inclusive approach in any situation, allowing you to be comfortable and confident in making decisions together. And if it couldn't get any better well it does! Once my "stud colt" was strong and healthy, and ready for gelding Dr. Rothschild uses only top of the line cutting-edge technology and instruments for this procedure, as with all her Surgical specialties, the result was my 15mo. Colt was up and going, no complications, little to no bleeding, and during the healing process I needed do nothing more than watch his activity levels the first week. I will continue to only choose Dr. Rothschild @ Red Rock Equine Veterinary for any and all of my Two Spanish Mustangs Equine Veterinary needs."

- Charlotte Sitterley, Auburn WA

"Dr. Rothschild is the smartest veterinarian in Washington State. She is an expert in all matters associated with equines including ophthalmology (the eyes). Dr. Rothschild saved my horse's eyesight. She diagnosed the early stages of moon blindness in my Andalusian; a diagnosis that most vets would have missed. Because of Dr. Rothschild early diagnosis and our treatment, combined with excellent follow up instructions, my my Andalusian has had very little symptoms over the past 3 years. I am eternally grateful for Dr. Rothschild's excellent care on so many levels."

- Libby Miller, Mercer Island WA

"Dr. Chantal Rothschild is absolutely the greatest vet I've ever had care for my horses. She is kind, compassionate, very knowledgeable, and truly loves what she does. She has many years of experience and I know that my horses are in the greatest care with her. Dr. Rothschild (as a horse owner herself) understands that our horses are part of our family and treats them with love, kindness and respect. She always explains what she is doing and answers questions in a way we can understand. She never rushes through appointments to move on to the next. She is available 24/7 for emergency situations. I would HIGHLY recommend her to care for your horses!"

- Debbie Coons, Renton WA

"Dr. Chantal Rothschild is an outstanding vet. She's patient, kind, and extremely knowledgeable. She helped me through an extremely difficult situation with my mare and was always there for me, day or night. I've never met a vet as diligent, caring and reliable as Dr. Rothschild. I recommend her unhesitatingly."

-Elizabeth M., Bothell WA

"Because of Dr. Chantal Rothschild’s expertise diagnosis and sound treatment with my horse, we have been able continue to ride vs. my beloved horse being retired or worse. A couple of years ago, my horse was diagnosed by my current vet as having severe neurological issues that would cause us to never ride again. Luckily, I had Dr. Rothschild also examine her and because of her different diagnosis along with recommended treatment my horse and I could ride once again! Most recently, because of Dr. Rothschild’s quick diagnosis and her recommended treatment, my horse is healing rather quickly from laminitis, Cushings, and insulin resistance. Once again, we should be able to ride soon!

Dr. Rothschild not only takes the time to explain the most current scientific aspects of medical issues in a way I can understand, but she has a calming manner which helps me and my horse."

- Lori DeMarre, Snoqualmie WA

"Dr Rothschild has been my vet for over 10 years and to me, she is proven herself to be one of the best vets available. She is always responsive to my calls, even at 3 in the morning, rushes to my farm call in a moments notice if my horses are in need of care. She laughs with me, shares my pain and truly loves my horses. I will always use Chantal for my equine care.

Always goes good with Dr Rothschild!"

- Anonymous

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